Premises Safety

Periphery Fence Control
Guard patrolling system
Parking Guide System

Premises Safety System

Periphery Fence Control, we provide two kinds of systems, one that uses fiber optic cables and one with laser sensors. Both are high end security systems that minimize false alarms caused by small animals, rain or plants, are suited for long-distance perimeters, and immediately respond in case of intrusion.

Our Guard Patrolling System is procured from well-established vendors of the market and equipped with advanced microprocessor electronics that assure reliability. User friendly in operations, these Guard tour systems are known for rugged designs and better durability standards. Further, we also make sure that these are in strict adherence with set industrial benchmarks.

Parking Guidance System quickly and easily guides parkers to vacant bays using a combination of signs and bay indicators. Once the customer reaches an aisle with bays available, they will be able to easily identify the vacant bays at a glance. Bay indicators are mounted on the ceiling above each space and are equipped with extra bright LED’s, indicating the status of the parking space (vacant, occupied, reserved) and its type (disabled - blue LED, parents with prams - white LED, reserved – yellow LED etc). This results in a better customer experience.

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